”Hi I am Richard,  

 I love to make a difference, and therefore take an holistic approach with my clients. It’s not just about now, its about 5, 10, 20 years time. Good decisions and good planning now; will benefit you and your family in the years to come and into the next generation. My focus is to minimise tax, and to utilise your wealth in the most efficient way available. I specialise in investments and pension planning and build your portfolio around your plans and aspirations. There are a Myriad of products out there, and this is where my experience counts. But it really is all about you!

 Away from work, I have been married to Kate for 10 years, and married to my career for more than 20 years. I do like to enjoy life, that means charity work, following the MotoGP, the Rugby, and lots of travelling. My favourite places so far are Namibia, Vietnam, Madeira, and Laos. All very different in their own way, but each with its own charm and merit. Looking forward to 2 new destinations this year!”


If you would like to speak to Richard, please do not hesitate to email him on – r.sheridan@www.mpafm.co.uk

Richard Sheridan DipFA MLIBF