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MPA Civil

A trusted adviser for the senior civil service

MPA Financial Management fully understands the needs of people working in the Senior Civil Service, and the issues they face working in such a changing environment. We have worked alongside such trade unions for Civil Service, delivering various talks and services to their members, including advising FDA members on the “Choices” exercise and “Building a Sustainable Future” document.

There are three main issues covered by the MPA Civil service. These are redundancy options, investment advice and retirement planning.

Redundancy options

In times of uncertainty it is always good to think through your options and be advised on the implications of each choice you can make. MPA understands the different redundancy and early retirement packages presented to Senior Civil Servants so we can work with you to prevent you paying unnecessary penalties, take control of the level of tax you pay, and maximise your income.


When deciding to invest with MPA, you enter an ongoing relationship with us. Advising you effectively means knowing who you are, what you value in life, what your financial goals are, and your attitude to risk in achieving those goals. We gather this information during our initial consultations with you and, when we understand where you want to be and how you want to get there, we can put together an investment strategy that completely satisfies your needs. We have three main services we offer MPA Civil clients which together form a broad spectrum of investment services.

Retirement planning

MPA understands the options available to you and can work out the best match for your particular circumstances to ensure you get the best possible deal. We will review your pension benefits with you and help you to plan your finances for your retirement, using our experience in pensions and tax to maximise your returns.

The Best Solution for Civil Service personnel

MPA Financial Management works with Senior Civil Service personnel to maximise the level of entitlements they receive from their workplace schemes and other financial services. We do this by implicitly understanding the options available to Civil Service workers and the processes they must adhere to so that they receive an optimum level of benefits and returns. We will find the most efficient solutions to tax issues and minimise the chance of you suffering from any penalties or tax liabilities.


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