About Us

MPA Financial Management Ltd is a specialist firm of Chartered Independent Financial Advisers. We are unbiased and unrestricted in our advice. This means we can search the whole of the market to find the right financial solutions for our clients.

We have a highly experienced and qualified team to understand, research and find solutions to our clients’ financial needs. Based in Henley-in-Arden, the firm have been operating since 1988. We have a team of  over 30 staff and manage well over £650m in investments on behalf of our clients. We have been ranked in the Top 100 Adviser firms in the UK by Citywire for the last 7 years.

Our primary focus is on helping you achieve your financial goals. Our expert advisers and client relationship managers will seek to understand your objectives and deliver to your needs first and foremost. Our philosophy is that we inform, educate and inspire our clients to make the right decisions for their financial success.

MPA Financial Management Ltd, Inform, Educate, Inspire


MPA Financial Management Ltd
98 High Street
Henley in Arden
B95 5BY

Tel:  01564 795 997
Email: enquiries@mpafm.co.uk
Monday – Thursday 9am to 5pm
Friday 8.30am to 4pm
Saturday & Sunday Closed