MPA Wealth

MPA Wealth is our most popular and most comprehensive financial management service available from MPA Financial Management. It is the culmination of years of experience, research, expertise and market insight.

Our approach is to draw on our status as Independent Financial Advisers to offer you a wide range of service options, working together with you to find the service package which best suits your individual circumstances and requirements. By sourcing the greatest possible investment solutions, and utilising the best systems and funds, we can offer you a truly world-class service.

MPA Wealth’s aim is to help you achieve your financial goals, whatever they may be. Our expert advisers and client relationship managers will seek to understand your objectives and attitude to risk in order to build you an investment plan that sets you on course to achieving those goals.

Flexibility is at the heart of MPA Wealth. We understand that every client’s requirements are unique and this service allows our financial advisers to build bespoke investment plans for our clients or recommend utilising Model Active or Model Passive portfolio strategies.

These will look at hundreds of different investment combinations including OEICs, unit trusts, investment trusts, UCISs, structured products, insurance funds, ETFs and trackers, VCTs and EISs. With the variety of income portfolios and growth portfolios offered, all balanced to keep within your pre-determined risk parameters, MPA Wealth’s range of investment solutions outstrips that offered by most other independent financial advisers.

The level of participation you take in your account with us is completely up to you. For hands-on participation, you can be instrumental in the building and management of your portfolio, aided by our expert financial advisers and using our WRAP management service. More “hands-off” clients may be happy to allow us to manage their investments, but will be invited to regular account reviews and progress reports with their MPA Financial Adviser.


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