MPA are celebrating another year of being listed in the 2019 New Model Adviser Top 100 IFAs!! – the 5th time in 6 years!!

Well done to all the Advisers and staff at MPA – we are a fantastic team and your hard work is greatly appreciated!

MPA is a specialist firm of Chartered Independent Financial Advisers. We are unbiased and unrestricted in our advice. We have a highly experienced and qualified team to understand, research and find solutions to our clients’ financial needs. The firm have been operating since 1988 and we have a team of 36 staff, managing well over £550m in investments on behalf of our clients.

Our philosophy is that we inform, educate and inspire our clients to make the right decisions for their financial success and this is also extended to our staff whom we are committed to helping in their studies so that we can ensure we are as highly qualified as possible.

We regularly vet our suppliers, have quarterly investment committee meetings and carry out monthly investment reviews.  Our growth has had significant power in negotiating the best deals with suppliers and these savings are continually passed to our clients.

In addition, in June 2018 we formed the MPA Charitable Foundation which has provided us with another platform from which we can ‘inspire’ and give back to the community by supporting individuals and charitable causes in the local area – an area poignant in the growth of MPA over the years.