After over 12 months of working from home, MPA have made the decision to return the Administration Team back to working within the office with effect from Monday 12th April 2021.  All other staff remain working from home.

As part of this decision MPA registered for all returning MPA staff to take part in the the twice weekly home COVID-19 tests available to businesses via GOV.UK to ensure that the office remained a COVID-FREE zone – something welcomed by all returning staff!

Up to 1 in 3 people are asymptomatic and show no signs of having COVID-19, therefore, testing staff regularly will not only stop the virus from spreading but also give everyone peace of mind that the office is a COVID-FREE zone.

Along with home COVID-19 testing taking place every Monday and Thursday, all staff continue to sanitize their hands when entering and leaving the office, as well as sanitizing all equipment within the office before and after use.  We are also continuing to temperature check all staff daily when entering the office.

Any staff/clients dropping off documents can continue to do so, but are advised to leave the documents by the door, buzz for reception, and the documents will be collected.  No appointments are to take place until further notice.

Whilst we are back in the office, it is our priority to ensure that all staff are safe and protected, as well as their family, therefore only staff scheduled to be in the office will be allowed entry.