We are living in strange times. People fighting over toilet roll and rice in supermarkets, retail staff being abused when they are just trying to do their job and peoples lifetime investments taking a pounding in the markets.

Our job at MPA has been to try and alleviate worries clients have and come up with solutions to this difficult time for everyone. All the staff take their job very responsibly and care about our clients and their financial as well as personal wellbeing.

What has taken me aback is how wonderful and caring our clients have been about our wellbeing and asking how we are coping in this difficult time. I cant tell you how many people seem genuinely more concerned about us than about their investments. It shows there is some decency and love out there and I hope that this period in time will result in people being more pleasant to each other and more community minded.

So, from myself, Eddie and the whole team thank you for asking how we are and having some understanding what we are trying to achieve for you in very difficult circumstances.

Phil J McGovern FPFS