Ethical, Social and Governance investing, or ESG for short, is the hot topic within financial services at the moment. Simply put, ESG is a strategy that enables investors to put their money to work with companies that strive to make the world a better place. It means that investments can reflect the values of the investor. For example, if they care about the environment, they can put their money into companies and funds that are focussed on green energy or combatting climate change.

ESG investment options are something we offer to all clients and they have become increasingly popular as more people become aware of how where they invest can bring about positive change. This has also been helped by the fact the majority of ESG funds have performed very well!

The recent COP26 in Glasgow highlighted the climate crisis further and ESG investing is seen by many as a critical way to make a real difference in the fight against climate change.

MPA Managing Director Phil McGovern was invited to discuss ESG investing on several podcasts and webinars during Cop26, including with Hymans Robertson Investment Services. In the webinar “COP26 and the journey to net zero – How to play your part” Phil discussed the important role retail advisory firms can play and how to evidence responsible investment in model portfolios.

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