I am sure that many of you were poised by the TV last night at 7pm to hear the latest announcement made by Boris Johnson…

There was no sign of the lockdown being lifted immediately, however will the latest changes begin to pave the way for “normality” to resume;

  • People who “cannot work from home” will be “actively encouraged to return to work” e.g manufacturing / construction workers
  • Public Transport should be avoided, where possible, due to social distancing issues
  • Primary schools in England may be ready to reopen “in stages” – but not until 1st June at the earliest
  • Outdoor exercise was relaxed, BUT social distancing rules still apply from people outside of your household;
    • People can “take more and even unlimited amounts of outdoor exercise” rather than only exercising once a day
    • People will also be free to sit in parks, and be able to “play sports” with people from the same household
    • It will also be possible for households to drive to other destinations (such as parks and beaches) in England

Find the full announcement here; https://www.gov.uk/government/speeches/pm-address-to-the-nation-on-coronavirus-10-may-2020

The UK is currently at a level 4 in the “Covid alert system” and the government is hoping to see a further reduction in the next few weeks AS LONG as people continue to adhere to the rules in place.

Please stay safe everyone – we are not out of the woods yet!