The MPA Charitable Foundation were contacted by Christine Duffin, who along with other local residents, have set up the  “Friends of Henley Railway Station” charity – a charity which will see the renovation of the old railway building at Henley station.

With lots of tidying and planting already taking place, the end goal is for the station to be a tourist attraction, bringing tourists and income back to the town.  Having already secured the Bee Trust who have pledged to install a series of raised bed gardens depicting Shakespeare plays, which will be the only Shakespeare Garden in Britain provided free of charge by the Charity – they are off to a great start already!!

With hard work and new attractions secured, Christine and her team looked to secure a bank account for the charity, which in the current situation, proved to be quite difficult.  However, persistence prevails and with an active bank account checked off the list, grant applications and fund raising can begin.

It was with no doubt that the MPA Charitable Foundation wanted to assist Christine and her team with their plans and we agreed their “first” charitable donation of £500.00.

Christine and the team were so grateful and we look forward to following their progress!…Keep up the great work.