Insuring Women’s Futures (IWF) is a programme established and led by the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) in collaboration with a wide variety of leading insurance professionals, businesses, policy and third sector organisations and experts on issues relating to women’s risks.

Insuring Women’s Futures aims to evolve the insurance and personal finance profession‘s approach to women and risk, working with all those with a shared interest in improving financial security for women and society as a whole.

The CII’s research highlights that many risks experienced by people in Britain are disproportionately borne by women. By addressing the root causes of these risks and improving women’s financial resilience, we will improve financial security for all. Insuring Women’s Futures is part of the broader Insuring Futures initiative, improving the insurance and personal finance profession’s understanding of, engagement with and support for the whole of society.

Insuring Women’s Futures is led by the Insuring Women’s Futures Committee comprising leaders from across the U.K. and global insurance sector together with expertise from society. It is supported by an Advisory Panel of experts on a range of issues including pensions, health, academic research, legal, inclusion and financial planning.

Congratulations to Jenny Hall who is officially an IWF ambassador!! We have no doubt that you will be instrumental in helping to improve financial resilience for women.