Mental well-being is becoming an increasingly talked about topic, with mental health problems having a profound effect on the way millions of people live their lives. Mental health often carries with it a certain stigma, or a discrimination that we do not experience for physical illness. Attempting to combat such a stigma and promote mental well-being, organisations and dedicated individuals are committed to providing support services to treat illnesses, as well as having open and honest conversations surrounding mental health.

Leading the way in tackling the UK’s mental health crisis is the mental health charity, MIND. For over 50 years they have been developing and delivering quality services for those suffering from mental illnesses, with a vision of creating a society that promotes good mental health for all, and that values, as equals, people who experience mental health problems.

Here at MPA Financial Management Limited, we understand that having good mental health is fundamental to thriving in life, both at work and socially.  Therefore, when Penmans Solicitors recently held a Bake Off all in aid of the MIND’s Buddy Service, MPA were delighted to give a donation. The Buddy Service aims to empower young people to take ownership and look at ways to reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness. MIND believes that this will ultimately help the young person’s self-esteem and confidence grow, so that they will feel happy and comfortable in their social life, resulting in them no longer requiring the Buddy Service.

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