The end of the Tax Year will soon be upon us. With that in mind we asked some of our financial advisers what their advice would be to clients who have yet to fully utilise their personal allowances…

One of MPA’s newest recruits, Independent Financial Planner, Keith Batham DipFA, CeFA, has extensive financial services expertise developed through a successful banking career, said:

“I’d ask whether people have got money to invest or surplus income to invest. Have you used your ISA allowance? Have you used your pension allowance? Do you know you can carry this over for three years? Have you taken up your full income allowance?

If you have done all the above, have you considered Enterprise Investment Scheme or Venture Capitals Trusts? This can be an option for people who have used up all the tax advantages or allowances. Basically, have you exhausted all options?”5th April 5th End of Tax Year


MPA’s Independent Financial Planner, David McGovern, DipPFS, who specialises in International Taxation as well as Trust and Pension Planning, added:

“Do not over commit and plan well ahead of any deadlines. With the market as it is it is usually a good time to invest.

Use your allowance if you can afford to. Be pragmatic about it. Everyone leaves it too late. Best do it when there is a comfortable peace in the marketplace. Ask yourself can you commit cash to the next five years without needing to dip into investments?

Plan ahead. We try and work on it around summertime if possible.”


Forward planning is also key according to MPA’s Chartered Financial Planner, Chris Wheeler, FPFS:

“Last year’s end of Tax Year contributions was 1st of the month, shortening the window of paying into ISAs, so people resort into paying money into cash ISAs and sorting it the next year. Sort your ISA contributions at the start of the year, as growth for the year is out of tax.

Providers have deadlines to act on – so you are better off in March making decision for the next tax year, then you have a full year of ISA growing.

Start early, time pressures lead to rushed work and potentially errors or missed opportunities.”


There is still time to realise your tax allowances and plan for next year. If you are considering your tax and investment options for the 2021/22 tax year end or want to put financial plans in place for the future, please speak to your Adviser or contact our expert team today.

5th April 5th End of Tax Year