We are pleased to announce that two of our team have successfully taken their next steps on the road to becoming Chartered Financial Planners, having passed their latest CII exams.

Timon White, Trainee Financial Adviser, has successfully passed his CII RO3 Personal Taxation exam. This module develops knowledge and understanding of the UK taxation system, and tests the ability to analyse the taxation treatment of individuals and trusts during the investment advice process, something which is essential for any effective financial plan.

Timon’s latest exam success means that he has now passed the CII modules RO1 – RO5. He has also recently sat the RO6 exam, and should he pass that, Timon will have earned his Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning.

Aman Matharu, Trainee Paraplanner, who only joined MPA in February this year, has passed the CII RO4 exam. This module is designed to develop knowledge of pension and retirement planning issues. Aman has now passed the CII modules RO1 – RO4 and is well on the way to achieving his Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning.

Aman comments: “From the moment I joined MPA it was made clear how I would be given support to become qualified and how continual professional development is at the heart of MPA’s success. I am enjoying my first few months within the financial services industry and my goal is to ultimately become a Chartered Financial Planner. I feel I am in the best place to achieve that.”

Timon comments: “I have been working hard to gain my diploma since I started at MPA in 2021, so I am keeping my fingers crossed that I will have successfully passed my latest exam and achieved my goal. Being able to work within an organisation that places such a strong emphasis on continuous education, and being around my colleagues who are also often studying for exams, has certainly helped me achieve this in just two years.”

MPA has achieved Chartered Status from the CII for over 15 years. This is an exclusive title only awarded to firms which meet rigorous criteria relating to professionalism and capability. All Chartered Financial Planners commit to the CII’s Code of Ethics & Conduct reinforcing the highest standards of professional practice in their business dealings.

To maintain this, we must ensure that our technical and professional knowledge and competence and skills are kept up to date through ongoing professional development.

MPA Managing Director Phil McGovern comments: “Our ethos at MPA Is to ‘Inform, Educate and Inspire’ and we all focus on embedding a culture of continual personal and professional development into our business. We aim to provide the team with the professional development opportunities not only to advance their own careers, but to ensure that we are able to provide the best advice and support to our clients to help them achieve their financial ambitions.”

“I am very proud of both Timon and Aman. I am sure they will both go on to have successful careers at MPA.”