Millie-Mae is a 12-year-old girl from ­­­­Coventry who was born with a rare, inherited eye condition called Leber’s Amaurosis. Growing up with three brothers with no sight problems, Millie-Mae loves family life and has learnt how to use guide dogs, improve her mobility and even ride a tricycle!

With her positive attitude, confidence and determination, Millie-Mae has excelled at secondary school and has developed her independence using Job Access With Speech (JAWS) technology. Millie-Mae can now use a computer independently, using Google to do schoolwork and looking up bands on YouTube as she loves listening to music.  She is also assisting the Guide Dogs in promoting the use of technology for children and young people aged 11-18 who are visually impaired.

What has the MPA Charitable Foundation done to help?

The MPA Charitable Foundation was first introduced to Millie-Mae through her Specialist Teaching Assistant, Anita Hull. Anita explained to us the requirement for Millie-Mae to have personal use of a BrailleNote Touch to help with her everyday living, meaning she can develop her independence not only at school, but at home also.

The MPA Charitable Foundation was impressed by the fundraising undertaken to date but understand that more needs to be done to facilitate Millie-Mae’s on-going development. We are delighted to support such a courageous young girl and hope that our donation goes some way towards getting Millie-Mae the BrailleNote Touch equipment that she needs!