Situated in the heart of Henley in Arden, ‘The Hub at Henley’ Community Centre is a valuable facility that serves all members of the Henley community.

The community centre is home to ‘The Hub Youth Club’ who’s fantastic work increases opportunities for young people through their youth program. A wide range of activities are offered for children and young adults, such as outdoor games, offsite trips, coffee bars, film and cookery themed nights, and camping.

Catering for all ages, The Hub at Henley also serves as a children’s centre, is a base for health visitors and school nurses and hosts a senior citizen’s morning. The Hub also provides a range of informative classes for the community such as antenatal classes and computer skills classes.

How has the MPA Charitable Foundation got involved?

To undertake such great work, The Hub at Henley relies on a considerable amount of fundraising as well as dedicated volunteers each year. The MPA Charitable Foundation are delighted to assist with the raising of these funds by making a donation to The Hub. This ensures that The Hub can continue to deliver their brilliant programs and activities, and therefore continue to play their integral role within the community of Henley.