In April 2018 we informed you of the news that we had teamed up with a firm called Independent Check Ltd to produce a range of short animated videos that help to explain, in simple language different aspects of financial planning.


Since April the feedback we have received about the videos has been very positive and with this we took the decision to produce a further six videos, with the latest 3 videos available now – Have a look;


Financial Planning for Business Owners – NEW

Life Assurance – NEW

Investing Income – NEW

The Importance of Asset Allocation

MPA Estate and Tax Planning

How to optimize returns on your Pension Plan

Cash Flow Financial Planning

The Benefit of Financial Advice

Income Drawdown


With our strap line ‘Inform, Educate, Inspire’ at the heart of everything that we do here at MPA, these videos have already proven to be successful and Phil McGovern, Managing Director, is keen to develop our ever-growing catalogue further, so watch this space!