Christmas is known as the season of goodwill – a time spent with family and friends, a time when many open their hearts and homes beyond their nearest and dearest to spread festive cheer.

Henley Churches and The Hub @ Henley are no exception and in true community spirit they will again be hosting The Henley-in-Arden Community Christmas Lunch to ensure that no one from Henley and the surrounding areas will be spending Christmas day alone.

The lunch is open to EVERYONE – young, old, couples, singles, homeless, vulnerable and this year will see many people coming together at The Memorial Hall from 1pm on Christmas day to enjoy great food, company and the festivities that many share across the world, at this time of year.

The lunch is free and sees many of the local community volunteer their time on Christmas day to help prepare and serve food, with many people and local business also turning up throughout the day donating food and various cakes and mince pies to ensure that no one goes without.

The MPA Charitable Foundation has been in contact with Rachel Woodbridge at The Hub and with the number of attendees increasing each year, the Church and The Hub rely heavily on donations and fund raising to ensure that they can continue to offer this celebration to the community at Christmas- a celebration that many of the community who attend have come to rely on.

Rachel and the community were therefore more than thrilled to hear that The MPA Charitable Foundation would like to cover the FULL cost for the Christmas lunch this year to ensure that no one has to spend Christmas day alone – an offer that the Church and The Hub have gratefully accepted.

Therefore, please help us to spread the word and if you know of anyone in Henley-in-Arden or the surrounding areas that would benefit from great food and company on Christmas day, please contact Malcolm on 07767 354456 or Rachel Woodbridge at