In accordance with our strap line of Inform, Educate, Inspire we have teamed up with a firm called Independent Check Ltd to produce a range of short animated videos that help explain, in simple language different aspects of financial planning. The first three are:

The Importance of Asset Allocation and Diversification

Estate and Inheritance Tax Planning

How to Optimise Returns on Your Pension Plan

They are available on the MPA website at

Phil McGovern, Managing Director, explained ‘I have been looking for a company to develop some short animated videos for a long time and Independent Check hit the mark. We are always looking at different ways to explain difficult concepts to clients and this is just one way of getting the message across. I am also looking to develop a further range in income drawdown and pension transfers, but I am sure they will develop into a whole catalogue’.

We hope that you find them informative and educational and if you have any comments to make please contact Phil on