Autism is a lifelong, development disability that affects how a person communicates with and relates to other people, and how they experience the world around them.  There are approximately 700,000 autistic children and adults in the UK.

People with autism see, hear and feel the world differently and whilst all autistic people share certain difficulties, being autistic will affect them in different ways meaning people will require different levels of support.

If you’re autistic or have someone on the autism spectrum in your family, everyday life can be a real challenge – whether it be going to the shops, visiting the hairdressers or even crossing the road.

Many families rely on support in understanding and dealing with the disability and whether families are just learning about the disability, entering into the autism diagnosis process or adjusting to everyday life, help is on hand.

Studley Autism Reachout and Support  (STARS) are a great local group in Studley run by volunteers whom offer support and advice about all aspects of autism in an informal and friendly way.  They are a group of local parents and relatives who have children with a diagnosis (or are in the diagnosis process) of autism (including those additional aspects of demand avoidance known as PDA – Pathological Demand Avoidance).   The group aims to support each other by sharing experiences and ideas that have worked and regularly holds support meetings.

STARS would like to launch, during Autism Awareness Week, 1st April 2019 to 7th April 2019, the “out and about sensory bags” project which is aimed at encouraging those on the spectrum to access local community areas with less stress and anxiety.  STARS aim was for 10 bags to be placed in key venues throughout the local village i.e doctors, dentists, supermarkets etc, with local businesses sponsoring each bag.

After hearing the great work and support offered by the volunteers of STARS in the local community and their plans for Autism Awareness week, the MPA Charitable Foundation contacted STARS and offered to cover the costs for 10 bags to be placed within the village – an offer that was gratefully accepted!

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