The range of sports children can become involved with at such a young age is remarkable. Whilst many of us may have been wobbling about for fun on a bike at the age of 7, we have been introduced to a group of youngsters who are already building a national reputation for their skill as BMX riders.

We were so impressed by the LCC BMX Race Team’s passion for their sport, their determination and commitment to winning on the bike, that we had no hesitation in stepping forward to provide much needed sponsorship to further their ambitions and success.

The LCC BMX Race Team consists of 5 talented riders, between the ages of 6 and 9, who have already demonstrated exceptional skill and dedication in the sport of BMX racing, having achieved numerous Regional, National, European, British and World championship positions.

The team’s success is impressive but what most attracted us to offer sponsorship was the set of values underpinning that success. LCC BMX have an ethos that places collaboration, shared dedication, determination, and enthusiasm at the heart of their pursuit of personal and team achievement. Along with parental support, enthusiasm and a commitment to teamwork, we felt this was a team with huge potential and we were only too happy to play a small part in helping them achieve their ambitions.

Phil McGovern, Managing Director of MPA comments: “From meeting the team, we believed that their values aligned with those of MPA in terms of striving for continual improvement, maintaining high standards and a commitment to excellence. We are proud to support a group of such ambitious and dedicated young people. We wish LCC BMX all the best in their upcoming 2024 season and will certainly be keeping an eye on the exploits of this talented team.”

The LCC BMX are looking for further sponsorship. Anyone interesting in joining MPA in supporting the team can find out more HERE.

If you’d like to keep up to date with the team, races are broadcast worldwide via YouTube and BBC Sport or you can follow them on Instagram @lccbmxteam