To kick start the New Year, we wanted to share a positive news story about a fundraising campaign our staff took part in during the autumn.

MPA’s brilliant receptionist Liz Allan and her husband Gavin organised a Premier League mug sale and quiz to help raise money for both Kidney Care UK and Diabetes UK.

Liz’s husband Gavin has Type 1 diabetes which he contracted at the age of 4. Unfortunately, one of the complications which arise with this disease is chronic kidney failure. Gavin has had two kidney transplants in the last 9 years of which neither were very successful.

Following the support he has been given from both charities, Gavin wanted to do his bit and raise some money for them.

To raise the funds, Gavin successfully sold all the premiership football team mugs as pictured below. The starting price was £3.50, however, if a certain team mug is requested by more than one person the bidding began and the price was raised by 50p per bid.

The second part of the competition involved our staff answering questions about the Premier League for a £1 contribution. The competition closes at the end of the Premier League season and there will be a small prize for the person who gets the most correct answers.

Gavin was hoping to raise between £200-£300 but we are delighted that overall, he raised £460!

Gavin comments: “I am pleased to have exceeded my fundraising target and would like to thank everyone at MPA for their support.  Both Diabetes UK and Kidney Care UK do amazing work to help people across the UK and campaign for improvements in the care and treatment of people with diabetes.  Kidney Care UK alone provides support for more than 100 patients every week and supplies over £3m each year in patient grants. Any funds raised go towards this important work, so I will be planning further fundraising activities in the future.”

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