Morning and Happy Easter to everyone. At least the sun should be shining and the weather glorious. It’s a shame we wont be able to go anywhere but it could be worse.

Anyway, the Board of Directors met yesterday to discuss the ongoing crisis engulfing the world and the continued lockdown with its knock on effect on MPA, its staff and clients.

We have seen work dramatically reduce in the last few weeks for understandable reasons, and have therefore decided to furlough half of the administration team for the next three weeks which means those staff will not be working but they will be paid as normal. The Government will pay 80% of their earnings and MPA will make up the difference. After three weeks, assuming we are still in lockdown, we will swap them over with the other staff members who have worked those three weeks as normal. This way we are being fair to our employees in a difficult period.

During the furlough period, no employees who are affected will answer telephone calls or emails. Any emails sent to them will be re directed to the office and dealt with.

We have organised the teams so that we have cover for all job roles in each team. However, at some stage you will have someone else dealing with the administration in the next three weeks or the three weeks afterwards. When we have finalised the teams we will post the list on the website. If you need any help please contact the office on the normal number; 01564 795 997 or your Adviser.

I will keep posting stories and updates on the website each day.

Keep safe and healthy and Happy Easter


Phil J McGovern FPFS