We were first approached by Tom Masterson for help with providing a specialist wheelchair for the Bears in April this year.  When we looked at the website  www.bearswbc.co.uk  we decided without hesitation that this was a cause we would be only too happy to support. The cost of supplying 1 chair is £2,850 and Tom and his team were delighted that we could help.

On Sunday Grace and Annemarie attended the Warwickshire College Sports facility in Henley to watch a friendly match between the Warwickshire Bears and a local Solihull team, and what an experience it was.  We met Tom and most importantly the recipient of the wheelchair also named Tom who showed us how easily he could manoeuvre it and how grateful he was to have it.  After some photo opportunities with Tom we stayed to watch the match and Lee Powell very kindly talked us through the rules of the game.  Luckily, we didn’t have to answer questions at the end as it is quite complicated if you are not savvy with the game.  The Bears played a blinder and won by quite a few points.  It is wonderful to see the camaraderie between the players and the coaches, everyone has a smile on their face and there is lots of banter on the court. Saying that, they are very serious about their sport and are doing well in the premier league.

We are very proud to have been able to support Tom and all his colleagues at the Bears and congratulate them on everything they do for the community.