How can a Pension Adviser help me?

As Pension Advisers in Coventry we provide guidance and recommendations on pension matters including:

  • The investment returns on the fund
  • Your retirement date
  • The rate of inflation
  • Interest rates
  • Mortality rates
  • Long-term bond yields
  • Costs and charges.

We provide professional Pension advice and planning services in Coventry for people who want to make the most of their finances.

We’re independent advisers, which means we work for our clients interests (not those of a bank or insurance company).  Once we’ve understood your financial aims, goals and concerns, MPA Financial Management in Coventry can help you make your pension work for you.

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It would be no exaggeration to say that a lucky introduction to Phil McGovern, Managing Director of MPA, has changed our lives. I was desperate to retire from a high-stress profession but, with a substantial part of my pension going backwards with Equitable Life, I felt trapped.

With Phil’s advice and assistance I swallowed the penalty and got out, the much-diminished investment being reinvested and managed in such a way that, in three years, it had grown by over 40%. The pension pot created funding income drawdown which, again properly managed and constantly reviewed, has allowed me to retire on a reasonable income.

MPA are clearly genuine specialists with meaningful qualifications, long experience and a rare feel for the task coupled with a friendly, jargon-free manner. I have every confidence in their ability to keep a reassuring eye on my future financial well-being.

Michael Ashby, East Devon

How to optimise returns on your pension plan

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