With the affects of COVID-19 being felt by everyone across the world, the way in which both ourselves and our children live our lives has changed dramatically.

Many schools rely on annual events, such as Halloween dances, Christmas fayres etc as a way of generating much needed funding to assist with school projects.  However, with COVID restrictions putting a stop to these, many schools are struggling to generate much needed funding.

We received a letter from a pupil of a North Warwickshire school, Sheepy Magna Primary School, who explained that they had been fund raising for a new outdoor classroom and potting shed.   They had raised over £4,000 from various events but with the current situation, all of this years events had been cancelled.

The school explained how the outdoor classroom would be used by all pupils in the school and very much encouraged the children to be outside, which is more important now then ever before.  It also contained a potting shed where children would grow their own produce and learn all about being self sufficient.

At hearing the extent that they had already gone to to make the outdoor classroom a reality, the MPA Charitable Foundation agreed a one-off donation of £500.00 to go towards the project.

We look forward to seeing your progress – keep up the hard work.