After a rewarding 35-year career in financial advising, culminating in his role as chairman of MPA Financial Management, Mike took a significant leap five years ago. Moving from the hustle of the financial world to the serene pace of retirement, he transitioned from being a “poacher” to a “gamekeeper.” Now, with half a century of workforce experience behind him, Mike looks back to share the wisdom gained from his new chapter in life.

Mike views retirement not as an end but as a vibrant new phase of life. “Retirement is just another phase of life,” he states, drawing a parallel between this significant transition and other life stages, from infancy and adulthood to career-building and family-raising. Each chapter demands its own adaptation and growth, retirement included.

One of the most crucial insights from Mike’s journey is the importance of prioritising health and a solid retirement plan. He champions a holistic approach that values mental and physical well-being equally. “The brain is a muscle,” Mike notes, underscoring the importance of keeping mentally active through puzzles and reading to maintain cognitive health. Similarly, he highlights the role of physical activities, like regular walks and golf, in preserving health and fostering social connections.

Retirement brings its own set of adjustments, but also a plethora of benefits and concessions that are often overlooked. Mike points out the availability of free medical prescriptions, subsidized travel, and entertainment options that can significantly enhance the retirement experience, offering avenues for continued growth and enjoyment.

Reflecting on his distinguished career, Mike expresses gratitude for the relationships built and the impactful work achieved. Despite the industry’s transformations, his faith in the resilience and potential of the financial sector remains unshaken, serving as a beacon for those still navigating their professional journeys.

Mike’s professional life, particularly his entrepreneurial leap following redundancy at 40, exemplifies resilience and adaptability. The founding of MPA Financial Management was a pivotal moment, turning adversity into an opportunity that would flourish beyond his expectations. This spirit of adaptability, he believes, is crucial not just in professional life but in the broader context of societal changes, such as the evolution of industries.

As Mike bids a heartfelt “Happy Retirement” to his professional life, he leaves behind a legacy enriched with lessons on adaptability, resilience, and holistic well-being. His reflections stand as a testament to the transformative power of embracing life’s transitions with grace and purpose.