You may have read one of our previous stories about Millie-Mae Hendrie, a 12-year-old girl born with Leber’s Amaurosis, from Coventry. We were delighted to hear that through our donation, combined with fundraising from her family and friends, Millie-Mae’s parents have been able to buy her a BrailleNote Touch just in time for Christmas!

To make her surprise doubly as special, The MPA Charitable Foundation are pleased to have made a further donation to Millie-Mae, to cover the cost of purchasing a HDMI 7inch Monitor for her BrailleNote Touch. This means that like any other teenager, Millie-Mae will be able to show her family and friends what she is accessing on the BrailleNote Touch, so that they can all share in the experience together.

From everyone at MPA, we wish Millie-Mae and the Hendrie family a truly Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!.